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VELVETY GAL® Tape Invisible Bra


Make your busts look firmer and better with the help of the Breast Lift Tape Invisible Bra. Easy to wear silicone pads giving your breasts a little lift and to make the nipples seamless while you are wearing tight and fitted clothes. Very comfortable and lightweight to wear.

Double Purpose Silicone Bra

Breast Lifter. These pads help lift the breast for a firmer look. If you have saggy breasts, these pads help them to have a boosted effect. If you are not comfortable wearing these pads alone, you can wear your regular bra after. You will notice the difference in how your busts look more lifted with these pads on compared to when you are only wearing your regular bra.

Invisible Bra. If you love wearing tight or fitted clothes, using these Breast Lift Tape Invisible Bra is a great idea. No need to wear your regular bra anymore. These pads will show more your body shape as it only covers your nipples. It has a very seamless design which is also comfortable to wear.

Comfortable To Wear

You will get very conscious for the first time of application of this Breast Lift Tape Invisible Bra. But as you get used to it, you will realize that wearing this is one of the best decision you have ever done. It is very comfortable to wear. With its sticky silicone material, no need to worry about it falling off or slipping from your skin. You can last the whole wearing these alone inside your clothes. These pads are made with polyester material which is still breathable on the surface and also useful in covering your nipples.

Easy To Apply

These pads look like a bunny shape. And to apply, stick it to each of your busts. And to give a little lift on each of your busts, hold the part with the bunny ears design, lift it to your desired level and stick it to the skin to keep the lift. These pads are very sticky which will not fall off but are natural and does not hurt when removed.